Woodcock/Timberdoodle Walk – March 15

Friday, March 15, 6:45pm; rain date Saturday

Opalanie Park, 1422 St. Matthews Rd., Chester Springs, PA  19425

We have dancing woodcocks in West Vincent! These fascinating birds are only here for a short time – just to do their mating dance! Join us before sunset as we hike to their favorite dancing area. If we are quiet and still enough, as the sun sets the American Woodcocks will start to call and dance.

The Woodcock’s Sky Dance

On late winter and early spring evenings, male woodcocks perform conspicuous displays, dubbed “sky dances” by naturalist Aldo Leopold. A male begins by giving a buzzy, nasal peent call, turning in a tight circle while calling to broadcast to all nearby females.

Then he suddenly launches into the air, circling higher and higher until almost invisible, wings making a distinctive chittering sound all the while. At the apex of his display flight (200–350 feet), the male woodcock switches to a series of high-pitched chirps, then tumbles back to earth in a steep dive, where he begins his display anew.

There will be a short introduction in the parking lot before we hike. Wear sturdy shoes and warm clothes for hiking and then for sitting very still. You may want to bring a cushion to sit on. BRING A FLASHLIGHT, since we will be hiking back to our cars in the dark.

Email us at EAC@westvincenttwp.org to RSVP, so we can update you as to any changes. We will use the rain date if the weather is bad.

A West Vincent Environmental Advisory Council Event.