April 6th: Wild Tree Care – West Vincent Nature Lovers

Opalanie Park, 1422 St. Matthews Rd., Chester Springs, PA

9:00am to 11:30am

Rain Date: Sunday, April 7th

Make West Vincent MORE Beautiful!
Help baby trees.
Create future forests.
Protect our streams.
Learn about nature.

Care for and learn about nature! Meet in the parking lot of Opalanie Park. We will be caring for the woodland, birds, and wildlife by removing invasive plants.

Warning – this activity is addictive! Once you start, it is hard to stop!

Trees and woodland plants provide so many services to our community (stormwater management, temperature moderation, removing pollution from air and water, promoting and protecting biodiversity, producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide), and they are struggling. Adult trees are struggling with invasive insects, invasive vines, and severe storms. Young trees are also struggling with these issues, plus they are a favorite food of deer, and they usually end up being eaten.

Removing vines removes one of these stressors. Without the weight of the vines, the trees stand a better chance of withstanding severe storms. We plan to gently remove vines on trees along the trail. You don’t need to be strong – just gentle and patient! It is a meditative activity.

Caution – we are not targeting poison ivy, and we are not recommending removing it. There is always the chance in a woodland that you will accidentally bump into it. If you are highly allergic to poison ivy, this is not a good activity for you. Everyone should wear a hat, gloves, long sleeves, long pants, and socks that cover your ankles.

Please bring sturdy gardening gloves, pruners, loppers, or outdoor scissors if you have them.

Rain date April 7, 9-11:30am.

This is a West Vincent Environmental Advisory Council Event.