Ceremony to Place War of 1812 Marker on Frederick Sheeder Grave

It was a chilly morning when a group of local historians met on Saturday, November 25, at the Zion Lutheran Church and Cemetery.

The group met at the gravesite of Frederick Sheeder (1777-1865) to commemorate his service in the War of 1812. During the War of 1812 he enlisted as a private and for a time was in camp at Marcus Hook. Veterans of War receive historic markers commemorating their service, but his gravesite had been overlooked.

The purpose of the gathering was to finally place a marker at the site. Frederick Sheeder lived in East and West Vincent townships, wrote a history of the townships in 1846, and is remembered today by the road named after him as well as the covered bridge named Sheeder-Hall.

The Historic Resource Committee is currently collaborating with historians from East Vincent township on a project that will expand the history that Frederick Sheeder wrote in 1846 to include a map identifying the location of properties that he described.

Attendees in the first picture (left to right) are: Marietta Giess of E. Vincent HC, Sandy Heidel of E. Vincent HC, Paul Chrisman of E. Vincent, Cindy Clark of W. Vincent HResC and Isabelle Travaglini of W. Vincent HResC.

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