Beth Intoccia Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Beth Intoccia was awarded a lifetime achievement award for creating and managing the West Vincent Litter Lifters during a beautiful ceremony at the Green Valleys Watershed Association’s 2022 Spring Celebration at Welkinweir on the evening of May 5. The West Vincent Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) took the night off from their regular meeting to attend and celebrate Beth’s achievements.

Under Beth’s careful guidance, the original group of five volunteers – Peter Reitmeyer, Carys Egan, Donna Delany, Ken Alan, and Beth – has grown to a committee of 9 township residents and 61 volunteers from northern Chester County. Since the Litter Lifters became a sub-committee of the EAC in April, 2020, Beth has organized 11 Litter Lifter clean up events and the group has participated in another four outside of West Vincent Township, removing over 900 bags of litter, 86 tires, and a loveseat from roadsides and waterways. The tires, especially, are damaging to our water supply if not disposed of properly.

Beth has been a driving force in attacking our litter problem not only here at home, but also beyond the borders of West Vincent. The Litter Lifters adopted a section of Route 100 near Ludwig’s Corner as part of the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and PennDOT initiative, and Beth is mentoring groups from other townships to do the same, because of the public value she sees in participating in the Adopt A Highway Program. She continually works to encourage businesses to join the Sponsor a Highway or Adopt a Highway programs.

Because of Beth’s work to champion the cause, Chester County will soon be an affiliate of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. The new Keep Chester County Beautiful office will be managed by the new Sustainability Office of the Chester County Planning Commission. The West Vincent Litter Lifters has twice received an Ocean Conservancy Recognition Award under Beth’s leadership.

West Vincent Township and the EAC extend to Beth our congratulations and our gratitude!