Litter Lifters of West Vincent Recognized Second Year in a Row!

The Litter Lifters of West Vincent have been acknowledged for the second year by the Ocean Conservancy and PickUp Pennsylvania.

The Litter Lifters joined the efforts of PennDOT and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful in the summer of 2020 by participating in Adopt a Highway.

On March 19, The Litter Lifters completed a cleanup of Route 100 between Blackhorse and Horseshoe Trail collecting 140 bags of litter. 21 hard working volunteers joined the clean up and 140 bags of ugly litter were removed from the road. The Litter Lifters adopted Route 100 between Blackhorse and Horseshoe as part of PennDOT’s ADOPT A HIGHWAY program.

Thank you! West Vincent Township Police Department for keeping our volunteers safe, WAWA for supplying lunch, PennDOT for removing the piles of litter, Ludwig’s Corner Fire Company for offering their parking lot as a staging area, the Township, and the Environmental Advisory Council for their ongoing support.

Thank you volunteers! Litter Captains: Dorothy Lynn, Rosalia Provini, Gary Wescott, and Beth Intoccia. CREW: Traci Frederick, Evan and Annie Bumbarger, Carys Egan, Judy Gunn Elliott, Eric Hughes, Heather and Kevin Withers, Peggy Hartzell, Jim Warihay, Ashley Miscevich, Richard and Henry Brunel, Joe Sturges, Suzanne Reisser, Sue Borzick Douglas and Andrea McBride.

The Litter Lifters are celebrating Earth Day early with a litter clean up of Route 401 on Saturday April 9, 7-10 am, followed by a pancake breakfast fundraiser at Ludwig’s firehouse for those interested. Click here if you would like to join this event. REVIVAL PIZZA PUB is supplying gift cards to volunteers!