Healthy Yard Recognition Application

The West Vincent Healthy Yard Recognition Program is a voluntary, educational, and inspirational initiative of the West Vincent Environmental Advisory Council designed to recognize positive environmental contributions to the health of our community and provide information and inspiration for residents who wish to care for their yard in a healthier manner.

How we care for our yard can have a significant impact on the health of our families, our pets, our community, and our natural world. Individual homeowners have the power to make a difference! A healthy yard can save us money and time, while adding to the beauty and comfort of our outdoor spaces. A healthy yard can make a big difference in cleaning our water and air, catching rain to manage stormwater, and providing food and shelter for wildlife, birds, and pollinators. Research shows that trees improve the physical, mental, and social health of a community.

We all want to have healthy yards, but sometimes it is difficult to find information or figure out how to take the first step. The West Vincent Environmental Advisory Council has assembled an application that lists qualities we think a healthy yard would have. We invite you to see how many apply to your yard by filling out the West Vincent Healthy Yard Recognition Program Application. If your yard qualifies, you may choose to receive a yard sign and/or digital award. If you feel inspired to take positive action (and we hope you do), feel free to fill out the application as many times as you like to improve your score!

If you take care of your yard in a healthy way, we want to thank you and recognize your efforts. If you want to have a healthier yard, but you aren’t sure how to begin, we can help! Questions or requests for a personal consultation may be emailed to Look for helpful tips on our webpage.