Main Office: (610) 458-1601  Township Police: (610) 458-3205

Fire & Ambulance Departments

West Vincent Township is served by a number of different first responders. They all actively coordinate with Township police and officials to provide rapid response to the needs of our community.

Coverage Areas

Find out which organization covers your address. The fire and ambulance coverage areas are color coded on the map. Call the appropriate fire department if you wish to confirm their service.

Fire Departments have prepared a Fire Protection Summary. Click here to review this important message.

Fire Protection

These volunteer companies can benefit from mention in your individual insurance policies. All insurance premiums include a fire department service charge, and moneys realized from this fund are allocated by the state to municipalities and townships. The percentage is determined by total premium dollars paid by residents and businesses in the Township. Check with your insurer to make sure your volunteer fire company gets its fair share of these premiums.

Volunteers and contributions are welcomed by all three companies. Firefighting equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain, and our local companies struggle to keep up with those expenses. Your help, be it personal or financial, will be enormously appreciated.

Don't Assume That Our Fire Trucks Can Get To You

Can 9-1-1 effectively reach you in case of emergency? You need to know that fire trucks of today are much larger than anything built years ago. You need to ask yourself: Will any little bridge on my property hold a 17 ton fire truck? Is my curvy driveway wide enough to allow for fire apparatus 9 feet wide and 30 feet long? Are the tree limbs cut high enough to allow for a unit with a 12 foot clearance? Hose lines stretched extensive lengths are not safe or effective for interior fire crews, and the time delays in stretching all that extra hose could cost you dearly.Please take the time and honestly evaluate your home's access from the street. If you would like to arrange for a fire department officer to assist you, please contact the fire company that services the area in which you live by calling:

House Numbers

As you know, house numbers are an integral part of the County’s 911 emergency system. Residents are required to display their numbers on mailboxes, doorways or driveway entrances, using reflective numbers at least 3" high. Your cooperation may save a life - perhaps yours.  If you would like to order house numbers that are visible from the Ludwig's Corner Fire Department visit their website or click here.

Outdoor Burning

A Fire Prevention Ordinance was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in 1990, which includes regulations for outdoor burning. Homeowners are permitted to burn rubbish, leaves, brush, grass, wood, and other waste materials outdoors provided certain conditions are followed: minimum setbacks from buildings, roads and property lines must be observed; the County Fire Board must be notified in advance at 610-933-8966; no burning is permitted at night; a fire extinguisher must be handy; to mention a few. Tires, hazardous materials, plastics or other materials which create noxious or poisonous fumes or gases may not be burned outdoors. The Fire Company can extinguish any fires that neighbors find obnoxious, so it’s best to check with them, too.

Outdoor burning of commercial waste is prohibited, which includes construction or demolition materials or wastes. “Clearing and grubbing wastes” (brush, tree stumps, etc.) may be burnt outdoors by builders and contractors if such burning is conducted according to state permit guidelines. For more information please see the Fire Prevention Ordinance.

Registration of Large Fuel Tanks

On April 24, 1995 an amendment to the Township Fire Prevention Ordinance was approved. Section Five K states: “Any existing or new subsurface or above-ground propane or gas (butane, natural gas, etc.) tank used for heating or cooking, including the heating of swimming pools, shall be registered by the homeowner with the Township...” If your home contains a new or pre-existing gas tank, please contact the Township office as soon as possible so that our records can be brought up to date. The fire department for your area will then be notified so that they can be prepared for emergencies.